Covid-19 update: 7 new cases, 5 community transmission

Seven new cases of covid-19 were detected from yesterday, three are border-linked and four are community transmission. As it stands, Niue currently has a total of 25 active cases. Twenty of the cases are linked to the border and five of the cases are classified as community transmission. 

In a press release last night, the health department is no longer continuing the investigations trying to identify the primary source of infection for cases that were under investigation as they have been identified to be community transmission. 

According to the DG of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania, “clusters of infection are appearing in households that have one or more people who have tested positive. This is to be expected as people living together are not necessarily masking up within their homes, so the virus spreads quickly, when people do not know they already have it.”

The latest update on the official Niue covid-19 website states that two other previously active cases have been deemed recovered. 

Meanwhile, the two schools on the island remain open, with Niue High School confirming one student had tested positive. A school wide RAT testing was conducted today of all staff and students. 

Niue Primary school has advised the parents to test their children and only send them to school if they are negative. 

Health and government officials continue to remind members of the public to monitor for covid-like symptoms and get tested if you experience any symptoms. If you test positive on a RATs test, you must inform the public health department immediately and isolate.

Niue has up to today, recorded a total of 124 cases of covid-19 since the first case was detected in March this year. 99 of these cases have been recovered. 

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