New Driver’s License to be issued at the end of the month, will include RockSafe QR code

Sample of the new Niue Driver's License available at the end of the month

Drivers on the island will soon be carrying new driver’s licenses thanks to an initiative of the Niue Police Department and funding by New Zealand Civil Aviation. 

Chief of Police Tim Wilson told BCN news, that the opportunity to update the Niue drivers’ licenses came about as they were updating their civil aviation identifications to comply with international security requirements.

Chief Wilson said that the new driver’s license will have increased security features and importantly use both the Vagahau Niue and English languages.

One of the key security features will be the digital signature of the holder and the use of multiple images which will make the new license more secure.

“We have multiple images in the background that are kind of molded together through some graphic design that Rocksteady Entertainment helped us with, which will make it difficult to copy those photos”, said Chief Tim Wilson.

The new features on the license will be the addition of the RockSafe QR code and the height of the license holder.

“We added to the back of the license is the QR code for the RockSafe QR code. We are working with the Health Department to include the QR code in the back so you only have to carry one item with them”.

The driver’s license term of five years is still the same and it will not cost to update your driver’s license at the end of the month. All current license holders can update their license which will be paid for through the Covid Fund according to Chief Wilson.

“We are going to pay for the print of the drivers’ license through the Covid fund and the reason why is because we have included the QR code in the back so that’s why the Covid funds are paying for that”.

A team of technicians from New Zealand is on the island for the next two weeks to install the new equipment and train the Police staff on printing of the new licenses.

In the meantime, the Chief of Police is urging valid driver’s license holders are encouraged to update their license and get a reprint at the end of the month.

“We do encourage people to come in once we are able to get everything up and running and make sure that the QR codes are working properly. Come in and get a reprint of their driver’s license with their Rocksafe QR code on it.”

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