The first lot of passengers to self-isolate for 7 days arrived today

Police Constable guard the fence area at the airport today

The 41 passengers who arrived from Auckland today are the first passengers to go directly to their homes and to self-isolate for 7 days. 

Earlier today a fence was put up in front of the terminal building and the main carpark before the arrival of the flight at 1.40pm.

Chief of Police Tim Wilson told BCN News that the passengers will drive themselves to their homes. Families had earlier today, parked the cars in the carpark.

The passengers, wearing their masks came through the terminal as they would normally, loaded their luggage into the vehicles, and drove off.

Some families were waiting outside the fenced area, calling to their loved ones from a distance but there was no chatting as they quickly drove off.

The 41 passengers will be self-isolating in their homes in the villages of Alofi South, Tamakautonga, Avatele, Hakupu, LIku, Lakepa, Tuapa and Makefu. 

Chief Wilson explained that the passengers need to use their vehicles also because they will be required to drive themselves for their COVID-19 tests to the drive-through testing facility at the Niue Foou hospital.

“Health (officials) are not going around to do the Covid tests. They (passengers) are going to drive themselves to the hospital at a designated time and go through the Covid drive-through testing.

“So, we don’t want people to panic. If you see people who came in off the plane driving on the road on Tuesday, Thursday, and the following Monday before they get out of quarantine, they’re supposed to be.

They are supposed to be driving to the hospital”, said Chief Tim Wilson.

This afternoon after the flight departed, Chief Wilson told BCN News that things generally went according to plans today, being the first day, but they did have issues with people lingering around the terminal building.

“Today went mostly according to plans, but there were some people who were lingering after saying goodbye to their families and friends leaving the island”.

Members of the public are reminded that if you are saying goodbye to someone, do so and leave the terminal building before the plane lands.

The relaxing of travel restrictions starting with today’s home isolation are part of the government’s plans to begin quarantine free travel next month on the 27th as announced by Premier Tagelagi on Friday last week.

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