2nd anniversary of BCN fire; studios still to be rebuilt

Firefighters working through toxic fumes to put the fire out, May 19 2020.

Today marks two years since the fire that destroyed the BCN studio rooms on the 19th of May 2020. On that Tuesday morning, the fire was discovered by one of the morning announcers who arrived to work on Radio Sunshine. 

Because of the toxic fumes, it took the Fire Rescue team several hours to put the fire out. The lack of ventilation made it difficult for the fire crew requiring the paramedics to provide on-site support as they worked through the toxic fumes.

The fire damaged infrastructure and equipment valued at over $1 million, destroying four studio rooms and temporarily taking Radio Sunshine and TV Niue off the air.

Seven days later Radio Sunshine was back on air and two weeks after the fire TV Niue was back on air producing the live coverage of the 2020 general elections at the end of May 2020. 

Since then, BCN has continued operations as the national broadcaster working from makeshift studios. 

The island will be heading back to the polls for the 2023 general elections and the hope is that the studios will be ready in time for the elections.

To date, there has been no definitive decision on funding for the renovations and rebuilding of the studios damaged in the fires. 

On Monday next week, BCN will appear before the Public Accounts Committee of the Fono Ekepule to discuss the budget estimates for the new FY. 

Meanwhile, the BCN team remains optimistic as we continue to provide public broadcasting, news, and entertainment to our people on the island and overseas.

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