One new positive case in MIQ prompts return to Alert level Yellow

Health Officials at the MIQ facility at Homofiti

The island is now back to alert level Yellow because there is one positive case of covid 19 in MIQ facilities. There are no cases in the community.

In a press release this morning, the government confirmed that the positive case was detected after subsequent checks from the day one tests conducted yesterday.

The case completed all pre-departure requirements, including a negative PCR test 48 hours prior to departure, and arrived on the island with 17 other passengers on Monday.

Since arrival, the case has since developed symptoms and will be closely monitored by health officials.

The Director-General of Health and Social Services Gaylene Tasmania confirmed that there are close contacts of this positive case, and they are all being monitored closely by health officials.

Unlike the previous seven positive cases, the Director-General was not able to disclose whether or not this positive case has immediate close contact.

Initially yesterday afternoon the government issued a press release after 5 pm saying that there were no positive cases detected on day one tests.

However after 9 pm last night BCN news was made aware that after the second round of retesting the case was detected last night.

All other passengers have returned negative tests after day one of testing.

The health officials advise that all quarantine locations remain closed to visitors. The passengers are being quarantined at Homofiti apartments and Namukulu Cottages as well as three home quarantine facilities all in Alofi South.

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