Island returns to Alert level Blue with no active cases in MIQ

The island is back to Alert Level Blue because there are currently no active cases in MIQ according to a government press release from last night.

The return to alert level Blue came into effect last night after the day seven tests of the 30 passengers from the last flight all tested negative yesterday.

The active cases from the flight on 22nd March required to extend their quarantine period are now recovered and have left MIQ facilities. 

However, their close contacts who never tested positive since arriving on the island “remain asymptomatic and continue to isolate at Homofiti until 17 April.”

According to the government press release, all quarantine locations other than Homofiti will be open for visitation from 1 pm to 7 pm.  All visitors must wear face masks and maintain social distancing requirements as usual.

The island will remain in Alert level Blue until the government advises otherwise when there are cases in MIQ. The next passenger flight will be on Monday 18th when the passengers will be in MIQ for 7 days and complete their 3 days in managed home self isolation.

Alert level Blue is largely business as usual, with no restrictions to public gatherings and peoples’ movements.

Locals are encouraged to continue to use the contact tracing app Rock Safe and to be prepared should there be an alert level change.

Meanwhile, the children took their second dose of the paediatric Pfizer vaccine today. The children’s vaccination rollout for the second dose will run until the 27th of April.

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