Fatiau take home champion title for the Juniors Netball Tournament 2022

The Juniors Netball Tournament took place last Saturday at the Niue Primary School green and taking home the champion title  was the Fatiau team from Vaiea. 

Clear blue skies and a beautiful sunny day would be the best way to describe the day as children and their families gathered at the Primary School to support their respective teams. 

A total of 10 teams participated on the day. There were two playing courts as well two pools for the teams; Pool A and Pool B. 

The teams for Pool A include Classics Pearls, Purple Tuna from Avatele, Falekaho Maroonz from Makefu, Togulu from Tamakautoga, and Fatiau from Vaiea.

For Pool B, the teams include Aliutu, Alofi Bulletz, Eastern force from Lakepa and Mutalau, Tuatea Stars from Hakupu, and Tuapa Jnrs. 

The teams that made it into the final play-offs were Togulu, Tuatea Stars, Tuapa Jnrs and Fatiau. 

Taking first place for the overall tournament was Fatiau, second place to Tuapa Jnrs, third place was Togulu and coming in fourth was Tuatea Stars. 

Niue Island Netball Association (NINA) President Carol Edwards told BCN news that it “was a great tournament, good weather and great support from general public. Venue was excellent and suited the event.” 

“Teams played for the Figo Kulatea Ioane Trophy which was sponsored by the Vice President and her family. Trophy in memory of Figo who was a mentor and coach to so many young talented players that we have now. Thus the name… Rising Stars”, says Mrs. Edwards. 

Mrs. Edwards also added that the “skills have improved from last year”. She would like to “thank all the teams and the rising stars for a wonderful turn out”. 

Next on NINA’s calendar will be the One-Day Netball Tournament this Saturday 9th of April starting at 8AM at the Niue High School (NHS) Grounds. The tournament will include four categories: NHS Team, Senior Women, Open Men and Masters aged 50 years and over. 

There will also be a Banner Competition on the day based on the “best slogan for Netball through Covid Pandemic” with cash prizes to be won including first place of $200, second place of $150 and third place of $100.

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