Stay in MIQ reduced to 10 days will begin next flight

The government will start implementing the 10 days in MIQ on Monday 29th November. Premier Dalton Tagelagi told BCN news last Thursday that the government has been preparing for this eventuality for some time.

“This is not new, we’ve been looking at these options for a while now but we just want to make sure the evidence stacks up to what it is.

Then we saw how New Zealand has gone down to seven days with three days at home.

That’s why we’ve made the call, but not straight away. Possibly the next flight”.

When asked if the government will go ahead with the reduction of MIQ days while the community cases in New Zealand continue to rise above 200, Premier Tagelagi says that they will keep an eye on the situation but the spike in numbers in New Zealand is expected for some time.

However, given the high vaccination rate of the local population of over 98 percent, the government is confident to reduce the MIQ from 13 days to 10 days.

What he is concerned about though is now the shopping malls are open in New Zealand, and would like to remind the passengers intending to return to Niue, to follow the rules about preparing to come to Niue.

Passengers will be allowed to travel to Niue if they have returned a negative Covid test 72 hours before the date of travel.

Premier Tagelagi also confirmed that the flight arriving today will be the last flight where the Oceanview wing of the Scenic Matavai will be used as a MIQ facility.

This is because Scenic Matavai has many bookings for December and the locals are looking forward to enjoying the Christmas events at the resort this year.

“Matavai already has bookings for the whole of December for the festive season so we are not going to take any risks by having any isolation passengers within that vicinity”.

The thirty-eight passengers on today’s flight are in MIQ at Homofiti and the Ocean View wing of the Scenic Matavai.

From the next flight, the government has alternative options for MIQ facilities.

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