Long-serving Assemblyman from Namukulu Jack Willie Lipitoa QSM, NDSC is awarded Niue’s highest honour this year.

Jack Willie Lipitoa receiving the Niue Distinguished Service Cross in October 2021, is remembered for his decades of service to Niue including 36 years in the Fono Ekepule

In the celebrations of the 47th anniversary of self-government, the flag-raising ceremony is the main event. In its second year, the bestowing of the Niue National Awards is the highlight of the ceremony.  

This year, the nation’s highest honour the Niue Distinguished Service Cross was awarded to the long-serving member of Assemblyman of Namukulu Mr Jack Willie Lipitoa, QSM, NDSC.

Mr Jack Willie Lipitoa was a teacher until the early eighties, he first started teaching at Matalave and ended his teaching career teaching generations of Niuean students at Niue High School as their woodwork teacher.

In 1987 Jack Willie Lipitoa was elected the member for the village of Namukulu replacing his predecessor his brother the late Dr. Enetama, who was one of the first four ministers of Cabinet that year was elected as a Common Roll member.

In 1999 he was awarded the Queens’ Service Medal in the NZ Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Mr Lipitoa, a long serving Ulumotua for the Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue for the village of Namukulu.

Jack Willie Lipitoa is a well-known farmer growing some of the largest talo plantations on the island for many many years only recently slowing down in his advanced age.

88-year-old Jack Willie Lipitoa QSM, NDSC is married to Moka and is in his 34th year representing his constituency of Namukulu in the Niue Fono Ekepule.

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