Pasisi wins Niue 2021 Top Male Darts Player after historic no-loss season.

Paul Pasisi (in red, pic by Lynda Tomailuga) of team Claytons has taken out the Niue Darts Association (NDA) top men’s competition this year. Pasisi played Lavea Puheke of Tamakautoga in the finals of the Men’s Darts top 16 competition.

Pasisi from Alofi South, got to the top 16 competitions by an impressive zero loss in all his inter-club games throughout the season. In a Niue first and local darts historic move, Paul played 60 games this season winning all sixty games.

The top 16 men’s Darts competition was held at Pacific way Bar over the weekend.

Pasisi told BCN news that this has been a great year for him, as he also won the National Premiership earlier this year.

“Winning the Top 16 was certainly the icing on the cake after completing the Inter-Club Championship without a loss”.

This was a bucket list goal for me, and I am very thankful to have been able to achieve it amidst some very tough competition. There were a few near losses but I managed to get across the line each time” says Pasisi.

Paul Pasisi is a former President of the Niue Darts Association and told BCN news that he is looking forward to relaxing a bit now and just playing the village show day darts events until next season.

Last month, retired nurse Palahemoka Kalauni of Team Hakupu won the title of the top female darts player.

The Niue Darts association will be presenting the prizes for the top 16 darts competitions at an end of year prize-giving ceremony.

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