Pauline moved by the selfless act of brother and sister duo to support her fight against cancer

In this BCN news exclusive, Pauline Rex Blumsky(pic, centre) shares for the first time her fight against breast cancer.

Pauline is a gold and silver medallist in bowling, having represented Niue at the 2017 Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea where her triples team won silver.

She was chosen to be Niue’s flag bearer at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa where she and her teammates Christine Ioane and Joy Peyroux brought home Niue’s first gold medals.

But Pauline is probably most famous to the locals for her baking and her cooking. Her generosity to cook and bake for her family and friends is what makes her the most popular aunty on the island.

So, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, the news was such a shock to the community, especially her village of Alofi South.

Last Saturday Alofi councillor Dimitry Viliamu and his sister Mrs. Mana Talagi decided to shave their hair to show their support for Pauline and her fight against breast cancer.

In an emotional demonstration of their love for this daughter of Alofi South the duo took to the stage at the village show day and called on people to go on stage to shave their hair for a donation.

Pauline was watching via zoom and was really moved by the duo’s loving gesture. She told BCN news that seeing Dimitry and Mana’s selfless act was so emotional for her.

“It was a very emotional moment for me watching this kind and selfless gesture. Having the love, support, and generosity not only from my family and friends but also the community gives me strength and hope knowing that I’m not alone in this journey”.

Dimitry told BCN news that the people donated $1,340.

It’s been a tough year for Pauline and her family. Since her diagnosis in February, she’s been undergoing treatment in Auckland since March this year, and this month she and some of her siblings could only watch their Dad’s funeral as he was laid to rest. Her father was the late long-serving politician and former Cabinet minister Hon. Robert Matua Rex passed away earlier this month.

The increasing number of cancer diagnoses from Niue is alarming the health officials.

Today on News of the Week, the head of public health Grizelda Mokoia says that they are alarmed at the increasing number of cancer diagnoses in recent years and are working on finding out what is causing this increase.

She credits the early diagnosis to the screening processes at the Niuefoou hospital and encourages people to go get themselves screened.

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