Public Service Commission warns public servants of social media conduct

In response to the conduct of public servants on social media, the government’s employing authority the Public Service Commission has officially issued a cautionary note reminding public servants of the public service code of conduct.

Yesterday afternoon the Chairperson of the Commission, Ida Talagi-Hekesi issued the circular reminding public servants to take heed of their professional obligations and responsibilities as employees of the Public Service.

Mrs. Talagi-Hekesi says that they are constantly referred to the conduct of its employees from members of the public with regards to social media comments with “the intention to harass, discriminate, bully, and verbally abuse others on social media”.

The official circular informs all public servants to ensure that their private conduct, actions or communications on social media and outside of work, be respectful and not to disclose any official information for either personal gain or the gain of others.

The government’s employing authority says that all employees share the same rights and freedom of speech as any member of the public, but to exercise those rights should not compromise their obligation and service to the people and the government of Niue.

Chairperson of the Commission says that employees should read carefully the Code of Conduct and to exercise due diligence at all times. Mrs. Talagi-Hekesi encourages the employees of the service to take seriously the cautions issued via their heads of departments about social media use.

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