Niue top internet users in Oceania and fifth equal on Facebook use

According to the Internet World statistics, a website which records internet use by countries and regions of the world, for 2019 Niue tops the countries in Oceania in internet usage at 91.2% of the population.

On the website, Niue’s population is estimated for 2019 at 1,618 and the total number of people using the internet is recorded at 1,485 people. However, do note that the 2017 Niue Household and Population Census 2017 records Niue’s population as 1,719 of which 1,591 consider Niue their usual place of residence.

The Oceania region which includes the Pacific islands, NZ and Australia and collects statistics on their use of the internet and Facebook per head of population.

Records for 2019 showed that Niue is number one with 91.2% of the population using the internet, followed by New Zealand with 90.8% and Australia at 86.5%.

The top ten countries in Oceania are Niue, New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, Guam, French Polynesia, Northern Marianas, Cook Islands, Tokelau and Nauru at number 10.

Other pacific nations with internet users at over 50% of their population include Fiji at 54.5%, Tonga and FSM at 52.5% and Samoa at 50.3%.

Guam tops the Oceania countries with the highest percentage of population using Facebook with 66%, followed by New Zealand and the Northern Marianas at 62% of population using the most popular social media platform.

New Caledonia is third highest with 53%, French Polynesia in fourth with 52%. Niue and Fiji in fifth place with 51 % and in 6th place is Australia with 50% of the population using Facebook.

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