Cabinet decides up to 50% of donor project coms and marketing budgets will go to BCN

It’s been made official by Cabinet that up to 50 per cent of the communication and marketing budgets from externally funded donor projects will go to the national broadcaster BCN.

BCN General Manager Trevor Tiakia says that “This is a positive move from Cabinet in strengthening BCN capacity to produce local content. This also provides the opportunity to improve visibility of these projects on island using BCNs three mediums of Radio sunshine, TV Niue and online news”.  

The decision by Cabinet was made two weeks ago on the 1st of October noted that external projects have different communication and marketing components.

The national broadcaster established by statute in1989 is governed by a Board of Directors and has been operating from the station at Fonuakula built by the Australian government and officially opened in 1995.

General Manager Tiakia also said that this move will help BCN develop and foster relationships with the government agencies and their external donors going forward.

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