The Public Service Commission tackling a fragmented system

“Along the way we have lost our hearts” was the message of the Chairperson of the public service commission Victoria Kalauni at the opening of the National summit yesterday.

“We need to work across the system and not just along the vertical silos. Along the way behaviour have perpetuated into a ball where we are tackling managerial silos. And along the way we have lost our hearts.”

The Commissioner’s speech was brief but her message was clear, that operational silos exist within the public service. Victoria Kalauni was blunt in her message about the need to improve and the challenges of “..tackling our fragmented systems that require collaborations between ministries, agencies that run as vertical hierarchies with few incentives to work together”.

She told attendants at the summit that the public service is about three things; putting citizens first, humility and a higher purpose.

She said that with this new government comes a new opportunity for the public service to change how they do things.

Mrs Kalauni leads the public service Commission responsible for the recruitment and management of just under 400 employees of the government.

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