Reduction in fuel & vehicle imports to Niue while an increase in general cargo

There has been a significant drop in the number of cargo and containers imported to the island for the period March to August.

An economic impact of COVID-19.

The total number of containers from March to August 2019 was 336, compared to the same period this year with 262 containers.

The biggest difference is in the number of vehicles, in 2019 ninety vehicles were imported to the island compared to only 39 this year.

There is also quite a big drop in the number of tanktainers carrying fuel, in 2019 there was a total of 87 containers from March to August but for the same period this year, this has dropped to 50, a reduction of 37 tanktainers.

There were no changes for the number of freezer containers for the same period with 15 containers and there is an increase with the number of containers carrying general goods. In 2019 there were 144 containers which increased this year to 158. The month with the highest number of general cargoes was June 2020 with 48 containers and May with 32 containers.

This may account for the number of infrastructural projects on island including the wharf repairs and the new parliament building.

The information is provided by the Customs division of the Government’s Central Agency Finance and Planning.

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