Over 200 workers in the private sector are on the Government’s Wage Subsidy scheme

More than 70 businesses and over 200 workers in the private sector are on the Government’s Wage Subsidy scheme.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, since the scheme came into effect in early May over half a million dollars have been spent on the wage subsidies. A total of 241 workers from 71 business are receiving the fortnightly wages subsidy.

The biggest tourism employer Scenic Matavai Resort closed operations when the borders closed to tourists impacting on its employees. Some of those employees have since been redeployed to work with Telecom Niue.

Last week Scenic Matavai started advertising that their restaurant will be open this coming weekend. According to Scenic Matavai Manager Matthew Brettell they will open their restaurant for the next 2 to three weeks for the locals and depending on available stock.

Brettle says that the rest of the resort will remain closed. He said “that without the wage subsidy Matavai would not be able to keep their staff employed.

Meanwhile the Acting BDM & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce says that they are working with the government to ensure that the wage subsidy scheme will continue until the tourism industry is back in full operation.

In April the Government tabled a 7 million supplementary COVID 19 response budget. 1.8 million was appropriated for the Private Sector.

The Chamber of Commerce working with the Government’s COVID 19 Finance Committee to manage the scheme. The payments are made every two weeks.


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