Expired vehicle registration tops traffic offenses

Twenty cases of traffic offences have been recorded by Police during their road checkpoints.

Eighteen people have been charged for expired vehicle registration, one for speeding and one for driving without a valid driver’s license.

These cases are now before the Niue High court.

The Niue Police conducted a road checkpoint this morning at Opaahi, Alofi South focusing on vehicles without registrations and warrants of fitness and unlicensed drivers.

According to Police, several vehicles were stopped and found many were still not registered.

Annual vehicle registration expires on the 31st of March each year and warrants of fitness expire every six months.

The Niue Police encourage those who have not yet licensed their vehicles or who do not have current warrants of fitness to comply with the law. The police are planning additional enforcements over the next weeks and months.

Three people were given 7 days to obtain warrants of fitness for their vehicles.

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