Plans to eliminate plastic straws from the island as Niue joins regional tourism online guide

Niue has joined a regional online guide for travelers launched by Niue Tourism. 

The, is a comprehensive guide detailing what travelers can experience on the island. 

This will be in addition to the current Go NIue app which was launched three years ago. 

To celebrate the launch of the guide Niue Tourism and the team have made a commitment to start the process to eliminate plastic straws from the island by providing every hotel, bar, restaurant and café on the island with reusable metal straws.

After spending three action-packed weeks in Niue researching and creating content for the guide the co-owners of wanted to celebrate the launch by doing something positive for the island. Robin and Laura have a commitment to promoting and supporting sustainable practices and realised helping end the use of plastic straws was an achievable goal due to the size of the country. 

They will provide the country’s entire hospitality industry with reusable metal straws which will help remove an estimated 50,000 plastic straws from use each year.

This will also complement the existing reusable straws initiative launched by Hio cafe.

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