Reverend Nuka Tauevihi is the new President of the Ekalesia 

The Ekalesia Niue officially appointed the new governing committee known as the Komiti Fakatonu on the 8th of January. 

The new President of the Ekalesia is Reverend Nuka Tauevihi. 

Every three years the Ekalesia vote in their new governing body to lead the church over the next three years. The new committee is led by the new president Rev. Nuka Tauevihi from the Mutalau Ekalesia. The vice president is Rev. Navy Salatielu from the Alofi Ekalesia. 

Secretary is Rev Basinnet Viviani from the Tuapa Ekalesia and the Treasurer is Rev. Kennedy Tukutama from the Liku Ekalesia. 

The rest of the Committee is made up of representatives from the Federation of Christian Women led by Mrs Aleipata Sionetuato.

The representatives of the Head deacons is Charlie Tohovaka from Makefu. 

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