Premier attends assembly meeting after prolonged absence and makes key announcements

Premier Sir Toke Talagi today attended the meeting of the Fono Ekepule and made some key announcements. 

Premier Talagi announced that the State-owned enterprises of which he is the Chair of the Board will be providing financial rewards for the medalists from the Pacific Games in July. 

The premier’s announcement did not explain in detail, but his officials told Midday news that more information will be announced at the Flag raising ceremony on Saturday 19th this week. 

The Premier Sir Toke Talagi also spoke to BCN News about the Constitutional celebrations. 

“I’m looking forward to it. We’ve got to enjoy it and as I said in the Assembly, we will be raising our flag, singing our national anthem and there will only be one flag that we will raise and one anthem to be sung. The other thing that I wanted to highlight was my pleasure with the Pacific games team have achieved. It isn’t very often but at the same time I’d like to praise them for the tenacity and for their gamesmanship and for winning that’s the most important thing I see for themselves. The other thing I wanted to highlight is the fact the Chinese Ambassador is going to be here and part of the reasons for that is because the Chinese government has celebrating 70 years of current government and I’m very pleased to see her come with her small orchestra to perform for us. I forgot to mention in the Assembly that they’ve given us $30,000. I think people should come and enjoy themselves. It is after all the only day that we have celebrating our nation.”   said Sir Toke Talagi

The Premier has been absent from previous assembly meetings and has not been seen in public as he has been undergoing medical treatments in Auckland.

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