Water quality tops agenda at development consultations

Niue’s waste water issues were top on the agenda with visiting consultants engaged with Niue’s agencies consulting on mitigation efforts to protecting both Niue’s environment while progressing with development here in Niue. 

Relevant agencies at a forum on Thursday August 22nd included the Public Works Department, Health and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ridge to Reef albeit one on one consultations were held throughout the week and continue to do so. 

Niue’s water woes are not new with drinking water in previous years examined owing to contamination of bores with consumers warned.  

Behind the scenes, Niue’s Ridge to Reef alone has been a saving grace to Niue’s water woes through assisting financially towards efforts to help mitigate agricultural runoff and contamination of water in and around Niue’s primary water bores with the legislative framework. 

However, it does the beg the question of how much of donor funding is vested in helping Niue’s environment and the transparency around where the increased departure tax also is spent having been allocated to waste management?

Highlighted at the forum was the review of the building regulations code and Niue’s Environment Impact Assessment with prospects for expected changes.

Human resources and finance inevitably were the key challenges identified with revolutionary technology great but with million dollar price tags.  But, the consensus remains there – that the importance of protecting the health of Niueans and its environment is paramount.

Education pivotal to the process will be key to raising awareness and acknowledgement that all persons on island play a role to safeguarding Niue’s environment. 

Fundamental more than ever to compensate for the decades long that households and development have allowed seepage enter Niue’s environment.

This includes the number of landfills now around the island, the collective understanding, ownership and responsibility towards moving to a cleaner and greener Niue particularly considering human health and growth and development seen in all sectors in Niue.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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