Concerns over Premier’s prolonged absence

Sir Toke Talagi is still in NZ according to the information circulated by the Director of Cabinet and Parliamentary services Christine Ioane. 

The circular informed the public service of the movements of the Ministers of Cabinet and those in temporary or acting ministerial positions. 

Opposition Member Crossley Tatui told BCN News that they “share enormous concern with the leader’s prolonged illness” and want to know if he is getting better or not. 

In a statement to  BCN News Mr Tatui said that there is a constitutional crisis that must be sorted decisively with honesty and responsible justice. He said with due respect to the Premier and his ill health but the people want to know how he is doing.

In the meantime he said they continue to pray for his wellness and earliest return to duties as the country’s leader. 

Sir Toke Talagi has not been seen in any public events in Niue since April this year. 

In June during the tabling of the Annual budget in the Fono Ekepule, Opposition member Terry Coe said that the Premier should resign because he is not able to carry out the duties expected of him as Minister of Finance and the Premier of the country. 

BCN News understands from sources in New Zealand that Premier Talagi was in a wheelchair when he attended the Indonesian Pacific Exposition in July. He was also unable to attend the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Tuvalu in August. 

BCN News is seeking an update on his status and his expected return date to the island to resume official duties.

Story by Esther Pavihi

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