Manatua cabling system well on track with topographical surveying underway

The Manatua cabling system is well on track with topographical surveying underway in Niue waters.

Telecom Brett Collier said that the survey boat has at least 30 people onboard engaged in survey activities, contracted under Sub-Com, a US specialist submarine cable contractor.

Collier says terrestrial works referring to the cable landing station and works on the sea track and the Sekena roads for armoring of the cables are expected to be completed in September.  

The contract secured for the cable landing station has been awarded to DXN, an Australian company with the sea track works assigned to DTB. 

Collier says both secured these contracts under expressions of interest advertised this year and last by Manatua.  

DXN in Australia is currently building a modular which is in its final design for fabrication for shipping to Niue. 

This will form the cable landing station.

Project Manager Bruce McLean revealed the next ship will carry the 3500 kms worth of cable will include Niue with works expected in November following clearance from surveyors after this topographical survey.  The survey will determine obstacles such as seamounts, submarine volcanoes and trenches.

The multi million Manatua cabling project spans from Tahiti, Samoa, Cook Islands to Niue.  

According to the Project Manager Bruce McLean testing of the system is set for January to February 2020 with installation to be completed by mid year next year.  He said  it will not go live until all cables have been laid in each of the respective countries. 

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