Award-winning, bi-lingual, comedy-drama “Meet the Fakas” with the cast and crew of 18 put on a spectacular performance with art and cultural flare at the Hakupu Tuatea and Taoga Niue premises Tuesday and Wednesday nights respectively.

Judging from the unabating laughter, applause and reception from the many in attendance that carried throughout last night’s finale it was pretty evident the reviews were only sky high for the group. Many left impressed overall but imprinted were the songs sung by the cast most especially that ceremonious of church songs which would pay the group dividends to ever winning an elder Niue crowd over. There was also room and accolades for a special guest performance by Ben Tanaki. A crowd pleaser of course was the likes of Tote (Haanz Fa’avae Jackson), Suiti and the Pastor (Leki Jackson Bourke), and of course the stellar performance by Mrs Faka, played by Lynn Pavihi who is mum to fellow lead actress Mahina.

The Niuean crowd would be spoilt to say the least with only having to pay for donations to enter noting the cast and crew had collected proceeds from previous performances to make this trip to Niue for all 18 of them possible – something truly charasteristic of aga fakamotu and something undoubtedly most grateful and noted by the Niue community. Special tributes were extended to the families in Hakupu and Avatele as well as the Niue Youth, RockSteady, Chamber of Commerce, NZ High Commission, Taoga Niue and other groups that made it possible for them to perform here in Niue. The award winning theatrical was written and directed by Maree Webster and produced by Leki Jackson Bourke. The crew are set to depart Niue’s shores tomorrow but along with the unforgettable live experience they have definitely left Niue yearning for more.


Kua fakafeki he matakau Meet the Fakas a Niue he ua e po kua mole. Fakamua fakakite ke he fale tolo i Tuatea Hakupu mo e fakaoti ke he Fale Tau Taoga Niue i ne po. Tapu kua mole ne hohoko mai toko 18 e tau tagata putoia ke he kifaga moui Meet the Fakatalis, fakakuku ko e Meet the Fakas, kifaga moui ne kua fita he fakamailoga e kautaha Auckland Theatre i Niu Silani mo e tau palepale fufuta “Best newcomer” mo e “Best Show” he tau 2017.

Mai he tau mata mamali mo e tau feki kua taogo mai he Fale Tau Taoga i ne po, mukamuka ke kitia kua kautu mo e talia e tau tagata Niue ha lautolu a kifaga. Pese ko e kifaga fakafeki he tau tagata fiofio e kifaga moui Meet the Fakas nei mo e falu alito mahuiga foki, tuga e penina he fakafetuiaga he matua mo e tama, tau aga motu ke taofi tumau, mahuigaaga he tau tapuakiaga, tau aga fulufuluola he motu fa logona mo e kitia tau aho oti he tau momoui he tau tagata Niue.

Amanaki e matakau nei ke tukufenoga a pogi. Tuku atu e tau fakaue lahi mahaki kia lautolu oti ke he fakaataaga nei ke kitekite e kifaga mo e amanaki ke mafola mo e monuina ha lautolu a fenoga ki Niu Silani.

(Credit: Story & Photos by F Rex)

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